Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boy Scouts: "Duty to God and Country"

From the Washington Times:

"The Boy Scouts of America said Tuesday it would keep its policy that does not 'grant membership' to open or avowed homosexuals or persons who engage in behavior that would become 'a distraction to the mission' of the century-old organization for boys, teens and men"

Good for them. Sounds to me like any same-sex attracted kid would still be allowed as long as he keeps private matters properly private, and behaves with what used to be known as common decency. The inculcation of such decency is central to the Scouts' mission. But the effrontery described in the next sentence surprised even me, although I don't expect consistency, honesty, or even sanity from those promoting the homosexualist agenda:

"Critics immediately denounced the decision, saying a 'secret' committee of 11 people shouldn’t have the final say in an issue like this."

But they think it's OK for a committee of one, i.e. Judge Walker, to redefine mankind's oldest institution and overrule the votes of millions of Californians.

Posted Gibbons J. Cooney

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