Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Curt Jester and Mass Roulette

One of our favorite bloggers is Jeff Miller, the Curt Jester. Today he has a post called "Mass Roulette"--about the gamble you take when attending a parish while on vacation or a business trip:

"The parish I went to this weekend engaged in the 'let us have everybody shake hands and introduce their names before Mass started' form of faux community building. This is extended by the more common practice of the priest starting the Mass with a Hello, Good morning, ect, and ending the Mass with a 'Have a nice weekend everybody ' In Persona Casual Guy....

In the back of the sanctuary was a fairly nice stain glass window with lots of blank wall space on either side. So on each side of the window they displayed various things onto the wall via two projectors. Sacred space and sacred projection space."

Jeff has fun and is funny, but he reminds us of the most important thing at the end:

"Oh well maybe the next playing of Mass Roulette will match up a liturgical winner. Though with the Eucharist we are always winners."

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