Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ironic Consequences of Media Bias and the Walk for Life

The discussion board at the website BoardGameGeek posted this comment at 12:48AM this morning:

"So not knowing that today had an anti-abortion march in S.F.(Roe v. Wade anniversary), I made the big mistake of trying to take my wife shopping downtown. I sat in traffic for over an hour just to go a few blocks.

What shocked me the most was the number of ******, thousands of them, clogging the streets for hours."

 Obviously, this man does not agree with us--still, the Walk for Life West Coast is one of largest annual events in San Francisco.Now why wouldn't he be aware of it? Why would he not know the numbers of people involved?

Well,  I had a very good friend who lived in San Francisco. This was about 4-5 years ago--she works back east now. We disagreed on matters of politics and religion but enjoyed one another's company. Although very interested in politics and  very media savvy, she had never heard of the Walk for Life West Coast.

I showed her the picture above, taken at the 2008 Walk. Literally, her jaw dropped. She could not believe that she had never heard of an event of this magnitude. And after five years, the man above, stuck in traffic, did not know either.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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DukeToma said...

As I've heard elsewhere, Pro-Life demonstrators have all been gifted with a stealth ninja-like super power that makes us invisible to the media. Searching for "Walk for Life" this week turns up almost nothing from any sort of "major" media outlet.