Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walk for Life's Eva Muntean Interviewed on Zenit!

The co-founder of the Walk for Life West Coast (January 26 in SF!) had an interview published yesterday on the international Catholic News website Zenit.


ZENIT: From your vantage point, how do you see the future of pro-life work in the United States, both in these next four years and longer-term?

Muntean: Youth, youth, youth. It is the old guard who support abortion. But "the times they are a-changing." Through the prevalence of ultrasound and other modern technologies, the humanity of the unborn child is ever more apparent, and young people are getting it. If they were born after 1972, they also realize, however dimly, that they themselves could have legally been killed. One of our great young pro-life groups is called the "Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust."

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