Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amazing Video of Puerto Rico Pro-Family Pro-Marriage Rally

God bless the good people of Puerto Rico! Like most people everywhere they know what marriage is, and what it is for, and what it is not. Check it out:

Laura Wood at the Thinking Housewife has commented on the importance of these rallies, and how they doom same-sex "marriage." The people simply will not recognize it:

"I said before that the recent Manif Pour Tous demonstration in Paris doomed homosexual “marriage” and adoption in France. I still believe that this prediction will prove true even if the law passes. There is no turning back, in my opinion, from the mass resistance that has emerged in France. Opponents of homosexual marriage, including Frigide Barjot, have succeeded in broadcasting the message that homosexual unions will detrimentally affect the lives of children. There is a competing script to the claims of radical equality. The resistance is likely to grow and to become highly offended if marriage laws are changed despite it."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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