Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bishop Vasa Demands Catholicism From Catholic School Teachers

Santa Rosa's great Archbishop is leading the way!

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat has the story:

"The Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese is requiring its 200 schoolteachers to sign an agreement affirming that 'modern errors' such as contraception, abortion, homosexual marriage and euthanasia are 'matters that gravely offend human dignity.'

The move is an effort by Bishop Robert Vasa to delineate specifically what it means for a Catholic-school teacher -- whether Catholic or not -- to be a 'model of Catholic living' and to adhere to Catholic teaching.

That means means abiding by the Ten Commandments, going to church every Sunday and heeding God's words in thought, deed and intentions, according to a private church document that is an 'addendum' to language in the current teachers' contract...."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

God Bless Bishop Vasa. We need more Bishops like him!

Gino R.

Anonymous said...

We can all agree on the message. Now let's see if there is action to back up the words.