Friday, April 26, 2013

Obama Addresses Murder., Inc, Worries About Return to Horrible 1950's

On Friday, Obama became the first sitting president to ever address Planned Parenthood--as Mark Shea aptly titled them "Murder, Inc." That the evil President Obama should address such a group is not particularly notable, except for his statement "The fact is, after decades of progress, there's still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century." Any President who could restore the social capital of America in the 1950's would be equal Washington, Lincoln, FDR and Reagan rolled into one:

Yeah, the horrible 1950's. They were so bad that when murder rates drop, writers measure progress by noting that we are getting close to the rate of the 50's: 

"According to FBI analysis, the homicide drop would mean that nearly 280 fewer Americans were murdered last year, which would be the lowest homicide death toll since the mid-1950s."

Yeah, the horrible 1950's, when over 90% of children were born to married parents. Today the rate is moving towards 50%:

Yeah, the horrible 1950's (well, 1965), when Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted the destruction of the black family because the out-of wedlock birth rate was 25%. As of 2010 it was 72.5%.

Yeah, the horrible 1950's. Here's a chart from the Bureau of Justice Statistics showing the percentage of Americans behind bars. It speaks for itself:

Yeah, the horrible 1950's when diseases like syphilis were nearly eradicated. Here's an August 25, 2012 report from Digital Journal:

"The resurgence of syphilis has risen dramatically over the past 20 years in the United States and Canada --- from 177 cases in 1993 to 1,750 cases in 2010. It is temporarily shutting down the porn industry in Southern California."

Not to mention HIV, which may not even have existed then. And did we even have a "porn industry" in those horrible 1950's?

I guess Obama's audience are young people who, just by the laws of nature, can't understand much. As I get older one of my saddest experiences (and this is just one example) is encountering young people who will never even realize that it was once possible to walk around San Francisco without encountering the homeless, drug addicts, drunks, and mentally ill people as an everyday occurrence. That there was a time when people did not always defecate and urinate on the street is not something within their experience.In 1948, Richard Weaver wrote:

"We approach a condition in which we shall be amoral without the capacity to perceive it and degraded without means to measure our descent."

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