Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vive la France! 15,000 French Mayors Refuse to Perform Counterfeit "Marriages"

From Catholic News Agency:

"A group of at least 14,900 French mayors has said it will not perform 'gay marriages,' even if the government moves ahead with plans to legalize the practice.

The administration of French President Francois Hollande has put forth a measure that would legalize 'gay marriage,' allow gay couples to receive medical treatment for artificial procreation and to adopt children.

'It is foolish to think that the mobilization of the elected mayors would stop if the law is passed,' said Franck Meyer, spokesman for the association Mayors for Children.

'As citizens, we elected officials will not give up,' he emphasized in statements to the media

And how come (some of) their homosexuals are so much smarter than (some of) our homosexuals?

"Nathalie de Williencourt, a French lesbian and founder of one of the largest homosexual associations in France, said in January that most homosexual individuals in the country do not want 'gay marriage' or the right to adopt children.

'I am French, I am homosexual. The majority of homosexuals do not want either marriage or adoption, and we especially don’t want to be treated the same as heterosexuals because we are different,' she said. 'We don’t want equality but we do want justice.'"

That's good--the understanding that inequality does not automatically mean injustice. We need more of that.


Anonymous said...

Just imagine if the people who practice unnatural law were grouped beside the natural law people. I remain in dumbfoundedness. I pray that the Government of France is not going to get away with this outrage.

objectiv1 said...

The people behind the gay marriage issue are using it to divide the people. They don't care about gays, they only care about their agenda to further the establishment of the Nouveau Fascism movement that lies behind it.