Monday, April 29, 2013

Vive la France II: Counterfeit "Marriage" Has Real Consequences

On April 21, we reported on the statement of 15,000 French Mayors that they will not perform same-sex "marriages." It looks like that is just the beginning.

Here is video (embedding disabled) of a demonstration on April 19 of French young people standing for the family and protest the imposition of counterfeit "marriage" in Paris. I love them singing Le Marseillaise.

And here is a video from April 23:


And go here for a video of "Frigide Bardot," the best known of the French defenders of marriage, as she is heckled and attacked by same-sex "marriage" supporters while attempting to speak to the press.


Unknown said...

Please clarify, the front lines of this protest look more like antagonists than pro-family . Please help decipher what is going on here.

Unknown said...

This is how I see the action here: The front line of this protest looks like anarchists, not peaceful demonstrators. Is this the right video you intended to show us? Please decipher.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say. They don't seem violent. I think there are many faces of pro family, many faces of dissent against an arrogant, unresponsive government. And even many faces who are against this particular outrage.
I too like their singing of these songs. They are a far cry from anarchists such as the ugly demonic le Femen. I have been praying for and with them. Father Malloy I think approves. May he rest in the peace of Our Lord + amen .