Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A group of 96 influential Catholics issued a petition January 21 that explicitly criticizes a statement by 96 other prominent Catholics and released in November 2007 that called for greater "civility" among Catholics in political discourse.

It appears the main purpose of the first statement was to silence pro-life positions.

Among the many orthodox statements made is that of William Saunders of the Family Research Council, who said, "I signed this statement because, as the Church teaches, abortion is the most important issue in the world; it is not an issue like others, it is not one on which reasonable people can disagree. We cannot let calls for civility toward pro-abortion Catholic politicians obscure our fundamental obligation to oppose abortion."

Where does that leave our Democratic Party? I would say: "Out of the Church." And I would prayerfully add: "Off the politicial scene."

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Anonymous said...

While I don't disagree that it is very important, I have to wonder... is abortion really the most important issue facing in the world? As a Baptist, I am taught that gaining souls and maintaining a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ are most important. Gaining souls involves not losing them to abortion, but is abortion really more important?

Also, I know of a specific example of where a fetus's life was ended because 1) it was going to die no matter what as a result of a genetic disease and 2) the mother was going to die if the fetus continued to live for any longer. This is a unique situation, but what would your view of it be? The baby was definitely not going to live for much longer, but any longer would have killed the mother. I am not trying to argue for against abortion in this case; I honestly want to know what your view would be.