Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pray for Them

When I was in New York, I met Fr. Groeschel. That was before he started a new society. I’ve admired his work and writings for some years now and would like to offer this excerpt from one of his talks:

He expressed dismay about what is happening in our Catholic institutions, which no longer seem very Catholic, and Catholic politicians who are opposed to everything the church teaches. He mentioned Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who considers herself to be a devout Catholic but supports abortion rights. "You can't be a Catholic and support abortion," Father Groeschel said with emphasis. But rather than rail against Ms. Pelosi and the other Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, such as Senators Kerry and Kennedy, Father Groeschel expressed concern for those who abandon their faith. As an example, he cited the first Catholic Supreme Court chief justice, Roger Taney, who went against his religion and joined his colleagues in the awful Dred Scott decision, which declared that blacks were property. "That decision precipitated the Civil War, which cost the lives of more Americans than all the wars put together, including World War I," he said. He then asked the crowd to join him in a prayer for these politicians who "I'm afraid are in danger of losing their souls."

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