Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, Canada....

Good thing Fr. Malloy is no longer the Pastor up at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Surrey, British Columbia.

Given the insane "Human Rights Commissions" they've got up there, he'd probably be in prison or on trial for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There's been a lot of news lately about Mr. Mark Steyn, because people in Canada did not like his writings. That's fine, but in Canada when people are "offended" by your writing, the government steps in to shut you up. They're trying the same thing with Mr. Ezra Levine, a publisher. Here's his videotaped statement before the Canadian Human Rights Commission:

I do not doubt that our modern-day liberals, who are in fact totalitarians, will do the same thing in the US, if it becomes possible. Look at the Oakland "Bubble Ordinance"

On second thought, it's too bad Father isn't up in Canada....he'd be in the middle of the fight.

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