Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Traditional Latin Mass Update

Here's a very interesting and balanced article about the TLM from the "Raleigh News & Observer.":

"To many Catholics, that careful attention to detail connects them more intimately with the purpose of the Mass, which is receiving the Eucharist, or the bread and the wine transformed into the body and blood of Christ, according to the Catholic faith.

'It makes you realize there's solemnity going on at the altar,' said Stan Wesner, 61, of Raleigh, who participated Sunday....

But traditionalists aren't the only ones who like it. Catholics too young to remember the rite were well-represented at Sunday's Mass. They are people such as 28-year-old Erich Engel of Cary, who said the English Mass is lacking in spirituality, in large part because parishioners feel obliged to hang on every word the priest says -- an experience they say places the priest rather than God at the center of the service."

H/T to the Caveman.

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