Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Biden a no-show

American Papist reports that Joe Biden had to cancel his planned attendance at the installation of new Wilmington, Delaware Bishop Fran Malooly. Excerpts below:

Update: Biden skips Mass where new Bishop speak out against him

"And it's a good thing, too. I wouldn't have wanted to present myself for communion after this homily by Bishop Malooly:

'... Mary’s mother, St. Anne, carried a very special life in her womb which serves as a vivid reminder that every life is special. We will continue to stress the constant teaching of the Church that each person must respect every life from conception to natural death. And we will continue to seek the intercession of Saint Thomas More for Statesmen, Politicians, Supreme Court Justices, Judges and Lawyers—that they may be courageous and effective in defending and promoting the sanctity of human life, the foundation of every human right, the foundation of our love for the poor.'

While Bishop Fran Malooly does not name Joe Biden (or Nancy Pelosi) by name, anyone who has been keeping up on this story knows what's being said quite plainly."


mathteacher said...

How many of you have been pregnant & given birth to a child?????????????? Do you really want to return to making all abortions illegal (even in the case if incense & rape)? There is the ideal world & then there is reality. When will we see the difference between our beliefs & what our government should proscribe? Let's work to support all of life.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to answer your question: yes, I want to make all abortions illegal. Now, allow the U S Bishops to ask and answer a question for you: Which living members of the human species should be seen as having fundamental human rights, such as a right not to be killed? The Catholic Church’s answer is: Everybody. No human being should be treated as lacking human rights, and we have no business dividing humanity into those who are valuable enough to warrant protection and those who are not.

Posted by gravey

Aggie Catholic said...

Sign me up too as one of the people that thinks abortion should be illegal. It is a vile inhuman act that NO child should face under any condition. I am sick to death of hearing people go on and on about the rights of women to have an abortion. The women of America and the world need to wake up! You have been fooled by a Socialist based movement that somehow convinced you that killing babies was the only way you would ever be equal. Sara Palin and I would beg to differ with you!

Protect life at all costs. None that support abortion (public or private) should receive communion at any time. It is FAR past time to take a stand.