Friday, September 12, 2008

Bishop Malooly and Joe Biden

Yesterday's article, from the Catholic News Agency

Biden's remarks draw his local bishop into the fray

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Joseph Biden’s erroneous comments about Church teaching on abortion have prompted corrections from many U.S. bishops. Now Biden’s own bishop has responded by saying the sanctity of life is ‘crucial’ for a just society, with the Bishop of Fargo adding that “Our precious unborn children need us to speak for them.”

Biden, a Delaware U.S. Senator, had appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press last Sunday. There, he claimed that the point at which life begins is a matter of faith and stated that he cannot “impose” his beliefs about human life upon others.

W. Francis Malooly, the new Bishop of Wilmington, issued a statement on Wednesday duplicating the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) statement authored by Cardinal Justin Rigali and Bishop William E. Lori.

The two bishops in a Tuesday statement emphasized that the duty to protect the unborn is not a “private” or “specifically religious” issue. They argued that embryology textbooks teach that life begins at conception and called the duty to protect the unborn a “demand of justice.”
Bishop Malooly, after reproducing the two bishops’ statement, said:

“It is my intention to build a supportive and trusting friendship with Senator Biden and as many public officials as I can. I will do my best, with your prayers, to assist him and all public officials as well as all citizens in our Diocese and beyond to understand how crucial the sanctity of human life is to a just society in the State of Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and our entire nation.”

Our prayers are with you, Excellency!


Anonymous said...

I am appalled at the comment that Mr. Biden made in regards to when life begins and about abortion. if one wants to promote rights of the people in this great country that is one thing. to say that you dont know when life begins, in perticularly human life, it's just convenient ignorance. look at abortion pictures of all stages being performed and then tell me about what you believe. 'abortion' has become some vague choice thing; it has become some mystical subject of 'rights'. when a woman gets pregnant/finds out she is pregnant, the first thing on her mind is not .. oh my goodness i'm carring a fetus,an omiba, a toaster. no, she KNOWS she's having a baby. good Lord! abortion has become a disgraceful method of an immoral generation dealing with it's sexual immorality via murdering it's children for a life of no absolutes.
for over 30 years we have mutulated and sucked the brains out of the unborn.
We are killing our children. make no mistake that this is murder of our most defenseless citizens.our state gives millions upon millions of dollars to planned parenthood. this organization has become a powerful entity; a busness; a business of killing. Not even the Nazi's killed this many millions of people. If a pregnant woman is murdered, does the guilty party not get convicted of two murders? why? because she wanted the baby? so, what's next? if she was to have an abortion the next morning before being murdered, is it only her life that is valid?
May God's grace and mercy take the dark vail away from our eyes and show us a way back to Him.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a form of neo-quietism to suggest the problem of pro-choice Catholic politicians can be solved without the application of Canon 915. Bishops should check the spiritual manuals on how to combat the obtuse spirit. They never advocate dialogue since the problem is located in the will not the intelect.