Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catholic Charities Adoptions UPDATE

Readers of a"A Shepherd's Voice" know that we have followed the Catholic Charities/ Family Builders by Adoption debacle from the beginning.

In August, I had an article published in the California Catholic Daily proving that Catholic Charities, by supplying paid staff to Family Builders by Adoptions, was also commiting itself to Family Builders goal of "Increasing the number of children adopted by Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) adults." That goal is not optional; it is mandated by Family Builders contract with the City and County of San Francisco--a contract that was signed one day before Catholic Charities announced it was supplying staff to Family Builders. The article went on to show that Family Builders was also the website "adoptionSF." The AdoptionSF's website was much more forthright than Family Builders' site in it's specific targeting of LGBT adults. (Original document proving each of our claims can be found by going here).

We use the past tense because all that has changed. Family Builders has now updated it's own website, family, and it is now much more out-front in it's targeting of LBGT adults. The new page has a slideshow (similar to the one on it's "sister" organization, featuring happy adoptive households. Five are shown: one natural family, two households of homosexual men, and two single persons of indeterminate gender.

What caused this change? We think it is because we publicized the fact that Family Builders and adoptionSF were one and the same organization. Of course that connection was there before, for anyone who knew where to look, but once we publicized it, Family Builders' attempt at a more "mainstream" approach no longer served any purpose.

This is an organization that is seeking, not by accident, but by design, to increase the number of children placed in households where they will never have a mother and a father.

This is an also an organization that is staffed, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, to the tune of $250,000 per year by Catholic Charities.

As I said before: "Asking the parishioners to support CCCYO is to ask them to subsidize sin."

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Anonymous said...

The SF Diocese Bishop is weak so don't hold your breath for anything to change. Speaking of LGBT, I wonder how many women and children at Catholic Charities St. Joseph's Village will get to witness homosexual men engaged in sex acts at the Folsom Street Fair which is held right in front of ST. Joe's Village facility.