Sunday, September 7, 2008

More on Biden: Bishop Morlino

From Bishop Robert C. Morlino, of Madison Wisconsin today (h/t Curt Jester):

"Biology not faith, not philosophy, not any kind of theology; Biology tells us science that at the moment of conception their exists a unique individual of the human species. It's not a matter of what I might believe. What my faith might teach me. What other people might ... Science the best science says at the moment of conception there is a unique individual of the human species."

It's the same obvious point we made the day Speaker Pelosi made her appearence on "Meet the Press," two weeks ago today:

"To answer the simple question "When does life begin?" Nancy Pelosi chooses to cite the authority of a bishop who lived 1500 years ago. Madame Speaker, we don't ask the Doctors of the Church to "make that definition." One does not read St. Augustine to find out when life begins. One reads modern textbooks on biology and embryology. And when one does that, one finds out that we do know when life begins."

The Bishop continues:

"Senator Biden has an obligation to know that and he doesn't know it. Again I believe that after the Council some theologians, probably some priests, and some bishops allowed him to be confused about this matter."

Respectfully, we can't agree with His Excellency here. We say of Senator Biden the same thing we said of Speaker Pelosi in the post we mentioned above:

"The fact is that Nancy Pelosi deliberately chooses not to consult the experts as to when a human life begins. She must make this choice because she knows she can only maintain her support for legalized abortion by a deliberately cultivated ignorance."

Biden and Pelosi aren't confused, they're liars. They are engaging in what George Orwell called the "escape into stupidity." They must do that in order to maintain their support for abortion "rights." It is naive to think that if they are just shown the truth of the matter they will change their position. For them, this is not about truth, and they are not acting in good faith. They are politicians catering to an interest group. It's about power.

It's time for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to assert a little power of their own.

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