Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr. Bruchalski: Great Conversion Story--and a Warning to Salesians

Today LifeSiteNews has the story of Dr. John Bruchalski. Dr. Bruchalski is an OB-GYN who early in his career was an abortionist. Like Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Ms. Abby Johnson, he had a conversion experience. (I wonder why we never hear of those converting to the pro-abortion side? Does it happen?). After his conversion (or as he says, reversion) Dr. Bruchalski founded one of the largest pro-life health centers in the United States, the Tepayec Family Center. Read the story and you will want to donate.

There is a wonderful interview with Dr. Bruchalski on the Tepayec Family Center webpage. Dr. Bruchalski attended a Salesian High School in Northern New Jersey--I guess that would be the one at Ramsey. He decribes his experience, and it is not flattering:

"But after a Catholic high school education that emphasized only social justice, and a college education that emphasized the same along with an ethics department that was situational and relative, I simply bought the entire argument that humans would be better off economically and socially by controlling their fertility through chemicals, barriers, plastics and surgery."

That should be a lesson to all Salesians and all Catholic educators. Don Bosco, pray for us!

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