Saturday, March 12, 2011

Strange comments from Fr. Rosica about Fr. Gravel and Life Site News

We had posted about Fr. Rayond Gravel's lawsuit against LifeSiteNews back when news of the lawsuit was first made public. Go here to donate to LSN's legal costs.

On Thursday, LifeSiteNews reported that Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of Canada's Salt and Light TV, weighed in on the issue. Fr. Rosica does not much care for LifeSiteNews. It's my opinion that he is sore at LifeSiteNews, particularily because of their scoop on the Development and Peace scandal .

His comments in the National Post did not seem to make much sense--of course, some of that may be the fault of the author rather than of Father. Here is the author describing Fr. Rosica's attitude towards Fr. Gravel

"Fr. Rosica said he is no fan of Fr. Gravel and disagrees strongly with his political activism and activity."

Repeat: Fr. Rosica is CEO of Salt and Light TV. A search of the Salt and Light website turns up no results for "Raymond Gravel." A google search of "Raymond Gravel" + Rosica turned up 387 results, but I did not find one that included Fr. Rosica "disagreeing strongly" (or at all) with Fr. Gravel. Fr. Rosica does not disagree strongly enough with Fr. Gravel to even write about it. Continuing the citation from above:

But he still seriously questions LifeSite’s treatment of the priest. 'No matter how ambiguous, deplorable, scandalous and improper Fr. Raymond Gravel’s behavior is purported to have been in Quebec and in Canada ...."

Emphasis added. Purported to have been? Fr. Gravel was elected to public office in Canada as a member of a political party that supports abortion and counterfeit marriage. We won't even bother adressing the liberal's insincere cry of "incivility"--we merely invite readers to go here for an example of Fr. Rosica's civility.

The article further stated:

"Fr. Rosica expressed concern that by highlighting two extreme positions on the abortion issue, LifeSiteNews and Fr. Gravel have repelled Catholics who might otherwise have rallied to the pro-life cause."

That's an odd statement. What are the "two extremes" Fr. Rosica refers to? The position of the Roman Catholic Church that abortion is wrong and should not be committed? That's certainly the position of LifeSiteNews. Does Fr. Rosica consider that an "extreme"?

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