Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good News from the "Walk for India's Missing Girls"

Does our pro-life work have any effect? You bet it does.

Here is a Facebook posting from Dr. Harkesh Sandhu, a Staff Physician at the Department of Veteran's Affairs, and a participant at the Walk:

"People wonder if it make any impact doing rallies- walks about Female foeticide in these countries....YES IT DOES....It did to a Baby girl who will be born in later half of this year.....A Third daughter of a North American couple who were on verge of aborting, but watching & listening to our presentations & walks across the world they changed mind . Thank you my HERO's...One couple at a time...We can do it.. "

You can learn more about the terrible problem of female infanticide and abortion by going to And Petals in the Dust is hosting a fundraiser on May 14, 2011, from 6PM to 9PM at theStarr King Room First Universalist Unitarian Center at 187 Franklin Street in San Francisco.

Tickets and more info here.

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