Friday, March 11, 2011

In Maryland, People Speak, Legislators Listen & Abandon Counterfeit Marriage

Good news from Maryland on the "Civil Marriage Protection Act." It is especially heartening since Maryland is a deeply Democratic state--like California!

The New York Times reports

"For weeks, the bill’s passage was thought to be assured. Maryland’s House is overwhelmingly Democrat — 98 out of 141 members, more than enough to pass the bill over Republican opposition. But the closer it got to a final vote, the bumpier its path became, with a number of Democrats from districts with strong religious constituencies saying they would vote against it.

Two of its co-sponsors, Tiffany Alston of Prince George’s County and Melvin Stukes of Baltimore County, withdrew their support at the last minute, under pressure from their constituencies, which both have powerful religious communities.

Ultimately, about a third of the Democrats in the House opposed it."

Brian Burch of the National Organization for Marriage said:

"Kudos to those brave Maryland delegates who defied the arm-twisting and political pressures to do the right thing: listen to your constituents,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “We pledge to be there over the long haul to help all pro-marriage Democrats, many of whom have been subject to reprehensible attacks for standing up for marriage. This victory comes from the people of Maryland whose quiet, under-reported, but extraordinary outpouring of opposition to redefining marriage is the reason for this victory. Not only did marriage win, but democracy won today."

I am happily surprised by this victory. I had thought, (as the NYT writer said) the bill would pass, and then the people would repeal it in 2012, in the manner of Maine's "Question 1." But it looks like the people of Maryland, and especially their religious leaders, really stood up for marriage.

God Bless them!

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