Thursday, May 24, 2007

All Children?

Here's a message I received from Nancy Pelosi

May 24, 2007

Dear San Franciscan,

When I was sworn in as Speaker, I did so surrounded by children, because they must be the center of our work here in Congress. On May 22, House Democrats held a National Summit on America's Children, an historic event which brought experts from across the country to Congress to discuss our nation's most vital resource - our children.

... Thirty-five members of Congress, over 300 academics, advocates, community leaders and CEOs, and thousands online joined these experts and participated in panels on the Science of Early Childhood Development; Early Learning; Health and Mental Health; and Income and Family Support.We take seriously our responsibility to America's future - our children.

Congress will set a new direction for the next generation by prioritizing legislation that strengthens the future of America's children, including reauthorizing Head Start, improving early childhood workforce quality through the Higher Education reauthorization act, expanding SCHIP, and making housing affordable for families.


Nancy Pelosi

This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense

Great letter and good news, but are you not missing something, Nancy? What about the millions of children that are not alive to share the benefit of your National Summit, through the support of abortion, which you have promoted so strongly?

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Hi Fr. John - I posted on you at Closed Cafeteria :)