Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thanks to "L.A. Catholic"!

Thanks to Quintero over at "L.A. Catholic" for welcoming us to the Blogosphere:

"Fighting Father Malloy now has a Blogspot"

"You'll remember Salesian Father John Malloy of Ss. Peter & Paul Church in San Francisco as the pro-life pastor whose letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle this past January 9 said abortion fanatic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not a Catholic in good standing with the Church. "

Read the whole thing!


Brent said...

Hi Father!

I look forward to following your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Father,

God bless you for the stands you are taking!

Father, as a long time pro-life, orthodox Catholic leader, and American of Mexican decent, I am very disturbed at the fact that most latinos vote for the welfare state over moral issues.

I am an even more concerned because passage of the Immigration Bill now before the Senate will give them even more voting power, which could effectively destroy the Pro-Life Movement because they will vote Demoncrat instead of Catholic!

I also cannot understand how supposedly Catholic Institutions and Catholic priests can give support, yes having them as honored speakers gives them support! I should know, I have actually been a Candidate for Federal Office and know what such photo op opportunities mean to such politicos as the likes Nancy Pelosi!

Father I have a favor to ask you. Fr. Albert Negre, S.D.B. was my Spiritual Director for many years, and I would like to get a picture of him. He was buried from your Parish in Sad Francisco (San Francisco). Can you help me with this?