Thursday, May 31, 2007

Maria Goretti in North Beach?

I just finished reading read a short novel, manuscript edition, entitled "Lilies Also Grow in America" The auther is Tom Layton of Simi Valley, California

The setting is North Beach all the way. The time period is 1984 to 2006 with SS Peter & Paul’s pastor and a former pastor in minor roles.

The story, in the words of the author, is a fictional account of the true story of St. Maria Goretti and her murderer, set in 1984 San Francisco. The factional characters and essential elements of the historical event are presented. The American Maria Goretti of 1984 is the Italian Maria Goretti of 1902. The Italian Serenelli of 1902 is the American Serenelli of 1984.

Why did the author choose North Beach as the setting for the tale? For two reasons (1) Maria was baptized in the Church of San Francisco in Corinaldo, Italy, where she was born and (2) because of the Italian influence found in San Francisco’s North Beach area.

The novel is an easy read. The martyrdom of Maria Goretti and her heroic virtue present a compelling story, with a powerful lesson for young people of today. St. Maria Goretti is a saint for our times and devotion to her strongly promotes an appreciation for purity of heart and body, in a world which needs repair from the sexual revolution which has done so much damage to our city and country.

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code monkey said...

Thank you for your comments on Maria Goretti. She is an amazing inspiration to me