Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fr. Euteneuer on Connecticut

Fr. Tom Euteneuer over at Human Life International respectfully disagrees with the Connecticut Bishops decision on "Plan B" in Catholic hospitals. Quote:

"I envision a day in which Catholic leaders may have to resign from lucrative positions in business and shut down Catholic healthcare institutions rather than cooperate in the arrogant and coercive programs of the culture of death. Actually, I think that day has already arrived."

Read the whole thing.

God Bless him!

Posted by Gibbons.


Anonymous said...

I am wee bit disheartened to find this blog. Another news story referenced this blogsite and I navigated to it. It strikes me as very sad that a blogger who identifies himself as "85 years *young*"does not offer more hopeful messages. In reading through these postings, I felt very sorry for this man, *presumably*, who served in seemingly prestigious roles in the Church. I would expect more from someone who had a leadership role, seems to have a real affinity for working with young people, and has a cat which commands some tenderness. If the blogger could restructure his musings to be more hopeful, the future would not be so bleak and dismal. I guess also I am feeling a little befuddled as to why he is lamenting and lambasting this generation. As a chronologically young person, I am wondering if this older/younger man does not realize that it was he that created the situation we are in. In the end, forgo bitterness, vitriole, and sarcasm. Make the last years of life imbued with more hope for you and all of us. Oremus pro invicem!

VL said...

Well, I, for one, am truly encouraged to have found this blog! Although I'm not Roman Catholic (Eastern Orthodox), I see such faithful Catholic priests as Father Malloy and Father Tom Euteneuer as true signs of hope in a sometimes dark appearing world. Thank you, for "A Shepherd's Voice...", Father!

Anonymous said...

Fr. Malloy,

Try to ignore this arrogant youngster, and remember that you were celebrating the Holy Mass in Latin decades before he was born. = )

I'm a fellow conservative Catholic (baptised RC, but at the ancient age of 43 only now in RCIA) who is thrilled to see such a godly, venerable priest posting such a great blog. We need more priests like you, Father ! Thank you for your lifetime of service to Holy Mother Church, and keep up the excellent work. Pax vobiscum !