Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Safety Zones

Tonight the Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee will discuss a plan to establish “medical safety zones at abortion clinics.” The plan is to put an eight foot “safety bubble” around those coming to seek abortions.

Perish the thought that anyone would get close enough to someone seeking an abortion in order to save them from murdering the infant in their womb!

It’s being called an unnecessary intrusion in freedom of speech by ant abortion activists who seek to hand out literature. Those coming to the clinic are often ignorant of the total implications of what they are planning to do and have been dissuaded by the literature given them.

One escort at several Oakland clinics has said that the ordinance is “essential to women who are scared away from getting access to reproductive health care…This is a public safety issue. It provides a respect zone.”

Public safety? Not for the safety of the baby in the womb!
Respect zone? Where’s the respect for the baby in the womb!

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Anonymous said...

I was raised in the Catholic Church. Although be bombarded with anti-abortion stuff is fine, the Catholic Church in America needs to realize that the most important thing the church needs to do at this point is put a stop to all these illegal alien huggin' priest, kick out the gay priests, and take a more active stance against gay marriage. The church continue to loose people and keep the protestant churchs' full until that happens. Let's not loose our church and do something about that.