Wednesday, October 17, 2007

See, We Told You So.....

Not 48 hours ago we mentioned the relationship between Most Holy Redeemer Church and the University of San Francisco, specifically the appointment of Fr. Donal Godfrey, SJ, (who wrote an approving book about MHR: see here and here) to the position of Executive Director of Campus Ministry at USF.

As if on cue, the Jesuits chime in on the scandal of Archbishop Niederauer's giving communion to two members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. From this morning's San Francisco Chronicle:

"The general sacramental principle is that you don't deny the sacrament to someone who requests it," said the Rev. Jim Bretzke, professor of moral theology at University of San Francisco, a Jesuit Catholic university....."Over-accessorizing and poor taste in makeup is not an excommunicable offense."

Fr. Bretzke is the co-chair of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at USF. He's also on the Advisory Board of the Lane Center for Catholic Studies and Social Thought, who sponsored the "Queer Perspectives" seminar last February at Most Holy Redeemer.

"Over-accessorizing and poor taste in makeup is not an excommunicable offense." If I were a Catholic parent spending $25K per year to send my Catholic son or daughter to an ostensibly Catholic University, I'd expect this issue to be taken a little more seriously.

Update: Lifesite News & Curt Jester are on the case.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

I am wee bit disheartened to find this blog. Another news story referenced this blogsite and I navigated to it. It strikes me as very sad that a blogger who identifies himself as "85 years *young*" does not offer more hopeful messages. In reading through these postings, I felt very sorry for this man, presumably, who served in seemingly prestigious roles in the Church. I would expect more from someone who had a leadership role, seems to have a real affinity for working with young people, and has a cat which commands some tenderness. If the blogger could restructure his musings to be more hopeful, the future would not be so bleak and dismal. I guess also I am feeling a little befuddled as to why he is lamenting and lambasting this generation. As a chronologically young person, I am wondering if this older/younger man does not realize that it was he that created the situation we are in. In the end, forgo bitterness, vitriole, and sarcasm. Make the last years of life imbued with more hope for you and all of us. Oremus pro invicem!

Anonymous said...

This guy seems to have an obsession with the whole "homosexual agenda," as he identifies it. This obsession juxtaposed with heavy conservative bent seems to cash out, in my pedestrian opinion, in "unresolved sexual identity/orientation issues." Wow, even at 85, people are still "stuck" making them poor angry, miserable, bitter queens.

anonymous said...

Keep your orthodoxy Father,dont let them get you down. JESUS said for us to pray "THY WILL BE DONE" these clowns want "MY WILL BE DONE" How dishonest can you get trying to change the TRUTH for your own personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Faithfulness to the magisterium does not preclude one from being prudent. Too, there seems to be an overzealousness to the preservation of a static entity over and against the dyanmic, rich, and deep relationship with the God of Jesus Christ. This, in my humble opinion, is precisely why so many people have left the Church and others, in droves, are running to spirited fundamentalist communities where the relationship is primary.

Long-Skirts said...

anon. said:

"JESUS said for us to pray "THY WILL BE DONE"


In the fifth,
Two thousand six,
Melts the wax
Of candle sticks.

May moon, full,
Begins to wane,
Shadows race
Across the plain

Reaching gulfs,
The ocean tides
Break on beach
Where pride presides.

Cassocked in,
The thickest fog,
Plodding cross
The marshy bog.

Maddening moons,
Through the fire ---
Near the depths
He wends on higher.

Many years,
Breviary tattered,
Deep in mists
His strength unshattered.

'Gainst black storms
Wet linen heavy,
Soul after soul...
Gives his life for each bevy.

And when he is called,
Because souls really mattered,
He will enter Reward...
With his breviary battered

Anonymous said...

Do you ever speak your own words? It is quite striking that you can never engage another person without the comfort of psychobabble or ecclesial verbiage. Strikes me of a real ignorant, wounded, maybe even scarred, and troubled person. Come to terms with reality. Look around. You seem to be trying to save "the Church" at the expense of the relationship with the God of Jesus Christ. How tragic! What a travesty! What heresy!

DP said...

It's remarkably imprudent to engage in psychoanalysis by cable modem. It's even more pathetic when you do so anonymously.

Someone who touts himher's relationship with God should do so openly. That's tragic.

Anonymous said...

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I am sorry that I do not have a google screen name to sign up, but if you were to give me your email, I'd be happy to converse with you extra blog.