Thursday, October 25, 2007

Free Speech

The American Center for Law and Justice sent me this notice, which should be known to all who treasure freedom of speech in the USA:

AmericansLiberals on Capitol Hill are getting nervous. They're desperately trying to silence the voice of their opposition.In fact, they'd like to replace freedom of speech with just that:SILENCE. And you and I are not only witnesses to their desperation ... we could be victims of it as well.

As we move into this critical year leading up to the national elections, the liberal faction of Congress is looking for any way possible to stifle the opposition and suppress opposing views.

Their answer? The so-called ''Fairness Doctrine.''

Our response? The Broadcaster Freedom Act.

Trying to reinstate the ''Fairness Doctrine'' (a regulatory policy which mandates that broadcasters provide equal coverage of controversial topics) is a slap in the face of our constitutional right to guaranteed free speech. It would stifle religious and conservative programming and force the liberal agenda back into the marketplace. But even more outrageous is the current attack brought by some in leadership in the House of Representatives - led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi, along with other liberals, refuses to even bring the Broadcaster Freedom Act, a very deserving bill, to the floor for a vote. It's is an offensive show of power ... an attempt to strong arm left-wing liberalism into the laws of our land. The Broadcaster Freedom Act is an important piece of legislation that the ACLJ fully supports. It would strike down the Fairness Doctrine - and prohibit the FCC or any future President from attempts to resurrect it.

But Congressmen Mike Pence and Greg Walden aren't about to let these political games threaten your constitutional rights. They have instituted a procedure in the House known as a ''Discharge Petition.'' If they can get 218 member signatures on it, the leadership will be forced to schedule the bill for a floor vote. We must send a strong and united message to Speaker Pelosi and House liberals: As citizens of the United States of America, we fully expect our elected leaders to uphold and protect free speech. Do not allow a liberal faction of Congress to dangerously promote their agenda - unopposed.

Add your voice to this critical campaign and stand with the ACLJ in support of the Broadcaster Freedom Act ... and YOUR right to free speech!

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