Monday, March 10, 2008

Leaning Left

There was an interesting question raised by the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago: The Ivory Tower Leans Left, but Why?

NAOMI SCHAEFER RILEY wrote: ”That liberals dominate the faculties of American universities would seem to be a settled question. But anyone still harboring doubts can now look at faculty support for this year's presidential candidates. Barack Obama is the clear favorite. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, he had received, by the end of last year, almost a third of the funds donated by faculty and administrators nationwide. In recent years a number of conservatives and a few honest liberals have tried to figure out why this political lopsidedness persists.”

Our higher institutions of learning are leaning as far left as possible in this presidential year. Do the liberals have an irreversible hold on university positions—academic and administrative? It has been that way for some time now, and I presume it will not change in the near future.

It seems we are leaning toward a socialist form of government, God forbid.
Look what’s happened to Spain these days.

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