Friday, March 7, 2008

Memories: Fr. Malloy and Mayor Newsom

Fr. Malloy would never blow his own horn, so I'll do it for him.

Some of you have seen the article in yesterday's California Catholic Daily "Eat Your Heart Out, Guys" which covered an interview SF Mayor Gavin Newsom gave to "The Santa Clara"--the student paper of the University of Santa Clara, Newsom's Alma Mater. The story contained this bit:

"Newsom spoke of “one of the most well-known priests” in San Francisco, who “said the worst decision in his life was telling people to vote for me for mayor.” The priest “actually led a protest against me in the City on the streets to City Hall.” Newsom said this did not offend him, since the priest “had a right to disagree. But he didn't extend that same consideration and right to me. And then he's questioned my own faith, which I reject as fundamentally inconsistent with everything I've learned.”

The "most well-known priest" was Fr. Malloy. What was interesting to me about this was that despite his years at the Jesuit College, which he claimed formed him, the only priest he remembered or thought worthy of mention was Fr. Malloy. I think that's because in Fr. Malloy, Gavin Newsom encountered a priest who took him and his actions seriously. An encounter with a real teacher of the Catholic faith is memorable.

By the way, the "Defense of Marriage" rally the Mayor mentions was a blast. Photos of the event are here.

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Kasia said...

God bless you, Father Malloy!