Friday, March 21, 2008

USF Homosexual Activism Update

Who says Jesuit Institutions don't produce Vocations?!

Vincent Pizzuto, Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies (as well as a member of the "LGBTQ Caucus" ) at USF is now the Reverend Pizzuto. You may remember him from the "Queer Perspectives" seminars. Reverend Pizzuto was ordained priest into the "Celtic Christian Church" sometime on or before August 21, 2007 --that's when these pictures were posted on the "Celtic Christian Church" website.

We were quite surprised when we stumbled on this. We check the USF news pages regularly, and for some reason they didn't consider the ordination of one of their faculty to be newsworthy. Given the scarcity of ordinations coming out of Jesuit Institutions, you'd think it would be. Of course, he wasn't ordained as a Jesuit, or a Catholic, or even into a church in communion with Rome, but still you'd think some congratulations would have been in order.

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Anonymous said...

Check out his church - - I wonder how many students, faculty, jesuits attend.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned but not surprised.