Thursday, August 28, 2008 Yes on 8!

Here is a fantastic website for young people interested (and why shouldn't they be? it's their future) in the defense of marriage.
The address is or just click on the image above.


Unknown said...

"(it's their future)"

So you force everyone to get married?

Queers United said...

Marriage equality is a family values issue! Why shouldn't same-sex couples and their children have access to the 1,049 rights and benefits that come with marriage? Like the right to visit a loved one in a hospital, or to file joint tax returns. Marriage as a term has evolved, it used to mean a man with many wives, than it was a woman being the property of her man, now it is about love and financial planning. Gay & lesbian couples should have the same access to this beautiful institution and would only serve to strengthen it. Don't hurt our families, vote NO on prop h8!

emi. said...

thanks for this post.

Marriage is our culture’s ultimate expression of equality–it takes one man and one woman to create children. Even if a marriage can’t have children or choose not to have children the definition of their relationship expresses this equality.

One could see a lesbian union as a marginalization of men, or a homosexual union as a marginalization of women.

I don't believe government should sanction the marginalization of any gender (or more importantly, parent). And even though some families can't have children, or choose not to have children, you can't separate the child-issue from the marriage issue.

there is a great discussion here:

yes on prop 8!

p.s. your blog is on a black list. awesome right?
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Unknown said...

This is a message for anyone who would use the Bible and/or their Christian faith to claim that homosexuals deserve anything less than completely equal treatment under the eyes of the law, including the right to marry the person of their choice.

It took almost 2000 years for extremist Christians to fully acknowledge the evils of slavery (which is clearly condoned in the Bible). Their mainstream brethren finally helped them understand.

It took even longer for extremist Christians to accept the right to vote for women and non-whites. Their mainstream brethren dragged them along.

It took even longer for extremist Christians to acknowledge that segregation was wrong. Their mainstream brethren showed them the way.

It took even longer for extremist Christians to tolerate the right to inter-racial marriage. Their mainstream brethren set the example.

In 2008, many church goers, clergy members, and religious scholars from around the Christian world respect gays and lesbians as equals, deserving of equal rights in the eyes of the law and, more importantly, completely deserving of God’s love - unconditionally.

There are currently hundreds of rights afforded to married couples that are excluded to same –sex couples. Even if you favor allowing some sort of domestic partnership which provides these rights, you’ve got to understand that separate but equal is not equal under the US Constitution (see Brown v Board, 1954).

Modern science is in complete agreement that sexual orientation has fundamental genetic, biologic, and developmental origins which establish sexual orientation by birth.

God doesn’t make mistakes, and God doesn’t want you to treat others as if they were mistakes.

Anonymous said...

You have to vote YES to control those damn fags! You can't let them have what WE have. It actually doesn't go far enough! It should restrict the rights of Blacks and Mexicans and Catholics too. We can't let them get married! And don't forget about Italians, Jews, Indians, Muslims, Irish, and them damn dirty Yankees. None of them should be allowed to marry. And Scientologists. Forget about it. And Bus Drivers. And Nurses. And Grocery Store Clerks. We need to control all these other people who are not like us. What will happen if they can get married? I'll tell you... They will be married! Just like us. They don't deserve it. Only we deserve it. We are the only ones who should be married - and we should be able to tell other people that they can't be married.

Anonymous said...