Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The right to life from conception is the pre-eminent social justice and human right’s issue of our time."

So says good bishop Sam Aquila of the Diocese of Fargo, the latest to add his voice to the chorus of outrage over Speaker Pelosi's uninformed comments.

From Catholic News Agency:

"Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, North Dakota has joined several other U.S. Catholic bishops in refuting Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments that confuse the Church’s teachings about when life begins and abortion. Rep. Pelosi, meanwhile, said through her spokesman that she stands by her comments....

'As your bishop,' Aquila continued, 'I have the responsibility to present to you the authentic teaching of the Church, to correct the misinformation she has given, and finally to warn you that those who oppose the true teaching are not in good standing with the Church.'

Aquila also addressed the issue of Catholics who support 'so-called abortion rights.' These Catholics, he said, 'support a false right, promote a culture of death, and are guided by the ‘father of lies’ rather than by the light and truth of Jesus Christ.'

Aquila also stressed that Catholics who support these 'rights' have 'placed himself or herself outside of visible unity with the Church and thus should refrain from receiving Holy Communion' out of respect for the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Church."

Meanwhile, what can only be called a childish response from the Pelosi camp:

"While (Pelosi Spokesman Brendan) Daly could not deny that Catholic teaching is unambiguous about life beginning at conception, he tried to bolster Pelosi by saying that many Catholics do not agree with the Church’s teaching."

The article cites other bishops as well:

"Late on Wednesday afternoon the number of bishops criticizing Nancy Pelosi's comments grew as Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio and his auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantu added their voices.

'We agree whole heartedly with the statement issued by Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities and Bishop William E. Lori of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine,' their statement said. "

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