Monday, August 4, 2008

Wells Fargo, AT & T, PG&E, Time Warner: Enemies of Marriage

The Bishop's statement (see previous post) came not a moment too soon. From the "Equality California" website comes a press release about their August 2 fundraiser, where they took in over $2.2 million.

By making these donations the companies are attacking our civilization. But as I was writing this I realized something: Is AT &T Ken McNeely, or is it the guy who repairs your phone? Is Wells Fargo John Stumpf, or the tellers down at the bank? The gay lobby is a determined minority--about 2-4% of the population. By acting in a concerted manner they have intimidated corporate decision makers, because corporate decision makers know that a determined minority can generate bad publicity which affects stock values--which affects their elaborate compensation packages.

But people like the bank teller, the phone repairman, the cable guy, people like us, don't get "compensation packages"--we get wages or salaries. What scares the big shots hardly affects us at all. And remember, the teller's vote counts just as much as John Stumpf's. The phone repairman's vote counts just as much as Ken McNeely's. The SEIU janitor's vote counts just as much as Sal Roselli's. And there's a hell of a lot more of them.

My comments below are in black.

"EQCA Announces a Record $2.2 Million in Contributions at Los Angeles Equality Awards"

"The Service Employees International Union (SEIU-California) made a contribution of $500,000, presented by United Healthcare Workers-West President Sal Rosselli."

You can find SEIU's statewide offices here. While they are worth contacting, they are politically already totally committed to the enemies of marriage. You might have better luck contacting your local. There's no reason whatsoever to think the rank and file union members support this--and the vote of one union member counts just as much as the vote of an in-the-tank-for-the-gay-lobby union bigshot.

"David Sanchez, president of the California Teacher’s Association announced a contribution $250,000 on behalf of CTA."

No surprise there. Check out our post from a few days ago about homosexual activists infiltrating the public schools. Still, talk to your local public school teachers to express disappointment about how their union dues were spent. Again, one teacher's vote counts just as much as the vote of David Sanchez.

"Ken McNeely, president of AT&T California, presented a donation of $25,000 from the telecommunications corporation. EQCA supporters at the event also pledged an additional combined $350,000. All of those contributions will help fund the NO on 8 campaign. "

Contact the AT&T Board of Directors here. And the next time you call AT&T or see the truck outside, tell the person how disappointed you were that his company gave $25,000 to fund the destruction of marriage. These are normal people. I'll bet you the repairman did not know anything about it, and I know from asking that some of them are quite sore about it.

"Lead sponsors for this year's event included AT&T, Gary D. Soto, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Wells Fargo, Stolichnaya Vodka, Adam Press, Irell & Mandella LLP, Eric Webber & Gerard Kraaijeveveld, Skip Paul & Van Fletcher, United Healthcare Workers West, Time Warner Cable."

Contact the Wells Fargo Board of Directors here. And the next time you're in the bank, tell the teller the same thing: how disappointed you are that their company is supporting the destruction of marriage. I guarantee you: nobody asked them their opinion about that donation.

And of course PG&E. They gave $250,000 to the enemies of marriage. You can contact their board of directors here. And if they're your power supplier, which they are if you live in Northern California, give 'em a call. You're their customer. Tell them you are disappointed, you understand nobody asked them, and that you hope they'll joinyou in voting yes on Proposition 8. But remember they are busy--don't take too much of their time--remember what it's like when someone calls you at work. Above all, be nice.

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Anonymous said... - Yes on Proposition 8

Dear Friend,
As staunch defenders of traditional marriage, you and I can expect to be dismissed by the media and scoffed at by liberal elites.

What we will not tolerate is an outrageous attempt to change the rules in the middle of the game, using state funds to prejudice voters against the Marriage Amendment.

Last week, Attorney General Jerry Brown suddenly changed the title of Proposition 8, which is mailed to every voter in the state, to say that it would "eliminate" the "right" of "same-sex couples to marry."

The original title couldn't be a clearer or more accurate description of what Proposition 8 actually does: "Amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

As chairman of the coalition, I will not let this prejudicial language stand. On behalf of the 1.1 million Californians who put Proposition 8 on the ballot, filed a lawsuit against Jerry Brown to strike this offensive language. Our case will be heard this Thursday in Sacramento.

This desperate attempt to suppress the vote highlights what we are up against. With polls showing the Marriage Amendment in strong position for victory, liberals like Jerry Brown will do anything to stop us, including use taxpayer dollars to spread "No on 8" talking points.

You and I must redouble our efforts to get the truth out about Proposition 8. Will you make an emergency contribution to to fight back against Jerry Brown?

And can you help by forwarding this message to all your family and friends?

Independent analysts suggest the ballot title change could count for as much as 10 points in support for Proposition 8. It is clear we will need to dramatically ramp up our efforts to defend against the smears and falsehoods coming from the "No on 8" forces, including possibly from the Attorney General's office on the ballot itself.

Can you spare $100 or $50 to let voters know the truth about the Marriage Amendment?

Our opposition intends to wage a scorched earth campaign through big media funded by Hollywood, labor unions, and big corporations and supported by the people writing the ballot language. Just take a look at what "No on 8" campaign sent out yesterday about a recent Beverly Hills fundraiser:

"Both labor organizations and businesses made significant contributions to NO on 8 – Equality California on Saturday. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU-California) made a contribution of $500,000, presented by United Healthcare Workers-West President Sal Rosselli. David Sanchez, president of the California Teacher's Association announced a contribution $250,000 on behalf of CTA. Ken McNeely, president of AT&T California, presented a donation of $25,000 from the telecommunications corporation. EQCA supporters at the event also pledged an additional combined $350,000. All of those contributions will help fund the NO on 8 campaign."

That's $1,125,000 from a handful of groups in just one night, plus another $500,000 the "Equality California" group is transferring to the No campaign.

Do you see why we need your help today?

The No campaign has the media and possibly the state's ballot writers on their side. We have you. We need your help to fight back.

Very urgently yours,

Ron Prentice

P.S. On the same week that the court will hear our case about Jerry Brown's outrageous and unfair ballot language, liberals pledged nearly $2 million to the "No" campaign at a Beverly Hills fundraiser. Please make a contribution to today. Thank you.

hickmanphotography said...
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hickmanphotography said...

Where can I find out valid reference about the California Teachers Assosiation contribution to fighting prop 8. I have been looking online and having trouble finding a reliable reference. I was sent an email about it and must have trashed it. Then my mom asked me to forward it to her and I cannot find it. Thanks-Emily

Struggling Sinner said...


Go here for the Equality California Press Release, describing the event and the donations. You may have to cut and paste the link into your browesr.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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to say, "financial companies at the present time, may be very dangerous. The thing is that a large proportion of such institutions are a fraud" is absolutely ridiculous. Pissed consumer is not a positive website. There will always be a pissed consumer for every company in every industry no matter how well that company performs. Second of all, I am a teller. I am proud my company gave money to NO on Prop 8. I support gay rights. Denying a human being rights is not Christian or Catholic nor any other religion. Not being able to accept others beliefs and the way they live their lives is certainly not something that is taught by religion. (Isn't GOD supposed to love all his children? No matter what?) I notice there are only pro Prop 8 posters here; where all other posts deleted? I take personal offense to how homophobic people act and behave. The church has had a huge share of its scandals so I find it very hypocritical to see the church looking down on others. When there were numerous news reports about inappropriate acts between priests and young boys that should pretty much invalidate anything the church has to say about gays. Because basically it makes all of you seem like a bunch of closeted homosexuals.