Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Lesbian "parents"

Many of you have heard the story about the lesbian who sued a California Hospital because doctors, citing religious conviction, refused to artificially inseminate her. The story is here.

Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle published Gibbons' letter to the editor on the subject:

Right to a parent

Editor - The story "Gays get equal doctoring under ruling" (Aug. 19) plumbs the depths of narcissism. Guadalupe Benitez is deliberately violating the fundamental right of three children to a mother and a father.

Given the endless sociological studies showing the importance of a father to the proper socialization of boys, this is unconscionable. How is a boy to learn the proper and responsible way to treat a woman or children without a father's day-by-day example?

And how are Benitez's girls to learn the proper way for a woman to respond to men and to demand respect, without the day-by-day example of mom relating to dad? From TV? They'll be susceptible to the first smooth-talking "player" to come along.

Of course, many marriages collapse into divorce and the children are bereft of a mother or father. That's a bad thing, but at least it's the failure of an attempted good thing. Here, the bad thing, children without a father, is sought from the outset.

If "equality" means deliberately leaving children without a mother or father, it's time for people to start rethinking the importance of "equality."

Gibbons J. Cooney
San Francisco


BlackTsunami said...

Dear Mr Cooney,

what studies are you referring to regardiing fathers? I am curious.

Also, I would like to add that the studies that claim that children "do better with a mother and a father" never looked at children in same sex households.

Struggling Sinner said...

Dear Blacktsunami:

Just google "study absent fathers." You'll get 171,000results. Here's 3 from the first page:

As to your second point: a lesbian "family" is by definition a household without a father. Therfore studies, such as the three above, which shows the damage to children of growing up in a fatherless household apply to seme-sex households as well.