Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Carpetbaggers in San Francisco...

and other things from around the Catholic web.

Jack Smith at "The Catholic Key" has an interesting post on the colonizers of San Francisco:

"The massive immigration in the 1950s to the 1970s of rootless individuals from other states seeking to find themselves or lose themselves in San Francisco has turned a once great, and once very Catholic, city into an embarrassing freak show. From the transsexual sex toy salesman Theresa Sparks (Kansas City) to the abortion queens Barbara Boxer (Brooklyn) and Nancy Pelosi (Baltimore) to psychopaths like Jim Jones (Indiana) to the intolerant gay narcissists Tom Ammiano (New Jersey) and Mark Leno (Milwaukee), nearly every kind of nut in California shares in common being a white, native born American from another state (Mayor Gavin Newson, admittedly, is a native San Franciscan)."

Speaking as a born-and-raised, I say, Amen!

Damn Carpetbaggers!

Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit has a post about the abuse scandal at Loyola Academy, with some very interesting comments from a Jesuit seminarian who left:

"Abuse in the formation process was far too common in the 90's. Too many men were made to feel outcast because they identified with more conservative & traditional schools of theological thought.

More insidious was the not so subtle attraction some men had to the younger scholastics. Fr. Reuter had his favorites among the scholastics at Loyola Chicago. Having the rector of the community make eyes at you over the dinner table was disconcerting - at best."


Damien Thompson says Cardinal Pell is the next Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops:

"That will give him a significant degree of authority over the world’s 5,000 Catholic bishops. He will be able to “nudge” them – for example, to observe the conservative liturgical reforms for which he is partly responsible, such as the new English translation of the Missal."

LifeSiteNews has a story on the Tennessee legislatures' "opt-out" of the Obamacare abortion mandate:

"According to TRTL (Tennessee Right to Life) , the passage of the “abortion opt out” bill was the crowning jewel of other easily-passed pro-life bills. These include bills that removed priority status from abortion-provider Planned Parenthood, redirected family planning funds to local health departments which do not perform abortions, and required posting of the state's non-coercion policy in private offices and facilities which perform abortions."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this out! I grew up in San Francisco, and my family, on both sides, came arrived here before the gold rush. Pre-1960's this was a conservative city. Then all the nut jobs moved here because they were on drugs and because they thought it was "pretty". Now, when the March for Life happens, they are shocked that something like that could happen in "our" city. But it's not their city at all! In my city the March for Life would be welcomed; a landmark building would never be turned into a sadomasochistic porn factory; and instead of running one of the most leftist churches in the world, the Episcopalians would be taking advantage of Benedict's anglicanorum coetibus and would be absorbed into the Catholic Church!