Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sarah Palin Stands up for Girls' Basketball Team

By now, everybody's heard about the Highland Park, Illinois girls basketball team which just won its first conference title in 26 year. The girls were scheduled to play a December tournament in (horrors!) Arizona.

Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson nixed the trip, because it “would not be aligned” with the school's “beliefs and values.” Those values include requiring ninth-graders to attend a “'freshman advisory'” class at which same-sex attracted shared stories of their high school experiences." The attending students were also asked to sign a statement promising not to tell others -- including their parents -- about what was said in class.

But apparently those "beliefs and values" do not include extending the rule of law to illegal immigrants.

However, America's best known female basketball player, Sarah Palin, heard about it, and has weighed in:

"This has-been ball player/Wasilla Warrior would like to send a shout out of support to the Highland Park High School Giants Girls Basketball Team in Illinois. These girls have been working, having bake sales, and saving money for months in order play in a hoop tournament in Arizona. They’ve won their school’s first conference title in 26 years, but now because a school bureaucrat – an assistant superintendent – wants to play politics, they’re not allowed to play ball.

Keeping girls off the court for political reasons? As I said last night in Illinois: “Them’s fightin’ words.”

A Facebook page has been created for the team. Hopefully it will have a donation function up soon.

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