Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good News: Dr. Ed Peters Appointed "Referendarius of the Apostolic Signatura"

From the blog of Canon Lawyer Ed Peters (h/t Ignatius Insight):

"This morning it was announced that His Holiness Benedict XVI has appointed me a Referendarius (Referendary) of the Apostolic Signatura. As one of some dozen international consultants to the Church's highest administrative tribunal, it will be my privilege and responsibility to advise*, on an as-needed basis, the officials of that dicastery regarding matters impacting the administration of law and justice within the Church"

We read Dr. Peters column often, and this seems like good news. Here's an excerpt from a March 25, 2010 post "One canon 915 case at a time: Nancy Pelosi":

"Now, I suggest that there is no US Catholic politician whose conduct at the national level is more stridently and widely pro-abortion (to name just one area in which Pelosi's machinations are gravely objectionable) and whose scandalous rhetoric is more overtly Catholic (many of her bizarre assertions the bishops have had to stop and refute) than is Nancy Pelosi's. If her prolonged public conduct does not qualify as obstinent perseverance in manifest grave sin, then, in all sincerity, I must admit to not knowing what would constitute obstinent perseverance in manifest grave sin."

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