Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Petals in the Dust" Wins First Prize!

Our friend Nyna Pais-Caputi has won first prize in the 2010 Oregon Right to Life short film contest. Nyna's entry was a short version of her current project "Petals in the Dust" which documents sex-selective abortion and infanticide in India.

You can watch the Oregon version here.

To visit the "Petals in the Dust" website, go here.

Congratulations, Nyna and Gino!

On a related note, the famous Somalian activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali has spoken out against the American Academy of Pediatrics' new guidelines that would give U. S. Doctors "permission to perform a ceremonial pinprick or 'nick' on girls born into communities that practice female genital mutilation." The story was originally covered in the New York Times, and we posted on this issue back on May 10. Let's hope Ms. Ali's statement does more to move this issue into the public conciousness.

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