Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Closing Arguments in Trial over the People's Right to Self-Government

Judge Vaughn Walker heard closing arguments today in the Proposition 8 trial. The real subject of the trial is the right of the American people to self-government. We wrote back on January 25:

"We haven’t commented on the issue much, or even followed it, oreven followed it, because it seems to be mostly a propagandistic exercise in narcissism. The "trial" has the same relationship to a real trial as same-sex "marriage" has to real marriage. Proposition 8 was never about gay people, it was about the common good of society. The attempt by homosexualist activists to deny self-government to the people of California through the ruling of one judge just proves the point: they are more interested in themselves than in the common good."

We do expect Judge Walker to rule for the plaintiffs, and the case to be appealed. His conduct has been outrageous throughout the trial. On February 7, Constitutional scholar Ed Whelan wrote in The Corner:

"Walker’s entire course of conduct has only one sensible explanation: that Walker is hellbent to use the case to advance the cause of same-sex marriage. Given his manifest inability to be impartial, Walker should have recused himself from the beginning, and he remains obligated to do so now."

And as we reported back in February, Hastings Law School Professor Calvin Massey said the arguments made by the activists were "simply ludicrous" but also that he too expects Judge Vaughn Walker to rule in favor of the plaintiffs anyway, but also that it "does not matter a lot what Judge Walker does" because the case will be decided by appeal.

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Anonymous said...

Marriage is a right that should not be put up for a vote by the majority.