Friday, June 25, 2010

"Gay Marriage" Capitol of America Offers Condoms to Preschoolers

The school board of Provincetown, MA ruled earlier this week condoms available to all students, including preschoolers. After Governor Deval Patrick complained, they changed the policy to fifth graders and up--whoop de doo--but if it was up to the school board the original policy would have remained. The policy also allows condoms to be given to children without parental consent.

It's no accident that this happened in Provincetown "the gayest zipcode in America." In 2009, over 90% of the "marriages" that took place there were counterfeit. The Provincetown “2009 Annual Town Report” says:

"Five years after the Goodridge Decision, legalizing marriage in Massachusetts for same sex couples, marriage continued to significantly impact the Town Clerk’s Office in 2009. 2009 was the second busiest year for marriage filings, with a total of 528 marriage intentions filed in 2009, 492 of those filings by same sex couples – the highest total of marriage filings since the advent of same sex marriage in 2004, which saw a total of 899 marriage filings in that year."

One of the arguments made by proponents of same-sex “marriage” is that it would normalize same-sex couples and bring them into the mainstream culture. What this ruling from Provincetown shows us is that what is being normalized and mainstreamed is sexual irresponsibility--at the youngest possible age. When the schools in a town where 93% of "marriages" are between persons of the same sex offer condoms to 5 year-olds, without their parents consent, we can see what a crock that argument is, and always was.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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