Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More SF Politics: Same-Sex “Married” Eucharistic Minister in Runoff Election for Superior Court Judgeship

UPDATE: Since neither of the two candidates has over 50% of the vote, Messrs. Nava and Ulmer will face each other in a runoff this fall. Post corrected to reflect this.

Michael Nava, a parishioner and Eucharistic Minister at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer Church was the leading vote getter in yesterday's election to seat 15 on the San Francisco Superior Court. With 99% of the ballots counted, Nava leads incumbent Richard Ulmer 45-42%. The two men will face each other in a runoff election in the fall.

The “Nava for Judge” website says:

“Since 2004, he (Nava) has been a judicial staff attorney for Carlos R. Moreno, Associate Justice of the court, perhaps best known for his dissent in the Proposition 8 case in which he defended the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Michael is also involved in the community as an active parishioner at Most Holy Redeemer and was a member of the board of directors of the GLBT Historical Society….In October 2008, just before Proposition 8 banned same-sex marriage, Justice Moreno married Michael and his partner, George Herzog, an oncology nurse."

Mr. Nava is indeed an "active parishioner" at MHR. The Most Holy Redeemer Eucharistic Minister schedule for June-September 2008 lists Mr. Nava as Eucharistic Minister for the Church. That brings to eight (by our count) same-sex "married" persons serving in liturgical ministries at MHR.

There is nothing in the least hidden about any of this. It is a quite open contempt for the teaching of the Catholic Church--and considering the lack of response from the Archdiocese the contempt is understandable. It is why we refer to MHR as "The Counter-Cathedral in the Castro."

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

In fact, he is not a "eucharistic minister," a title which is reserved for the priest. He is an "extraordinary minister of Holy Communion." Redemptionis Sacramentum 154, 156. Yet another reason to stop lay distribution of communion, which is permissible "only when there is a necessity" (RS 88), yet is used routinely by most churches as though people have some entitlement to distribute communion. As St. Thomas Aquinas points out, only priest should distribute communion because only their hands are consecrated for that purpose. Of course, even if EMHC's were banned, I doubt MHR would listen. Still, how can the Church begin to tackle a problem like MHR when even mainstream churches are disobedient and use EMHC's even when the pews are nearly empty?

blogdude said...

Gosh Gibbons,

Still haven't come out? Just do it. Come out. Just do it.

blogdude said...

See? Even after my comment... No one cares about your propoganda Gibbons.