Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Remarkable California Candidates Emerge

In California's 29th Assembly District (around Fresno), Surgeon and pro-life legislative analyst Dr. Linda Halderman was victorious in the Republican primary. Dr. Halderman (shown at work, left) is the real deal. On April 29, 2009 she joined Lila Rose, Walter Hoye, and other pro-life heroes at the "Exposing Abortion" conference held at UC Berkeley. Some of what she covered at the conference can be found here. Dr. Halderman is also a frequent contributer to the "American Thinker" website. She is brilliant but her brilliance has not eclipsed her common sense.


In the 5th Assembly District in Sacramento, the primary victor is Andy Pugno. Mr. Pugno played a gigantic role in the defense of natural marriage, serving as Co-Counsel during the recent case in which the California Supreme Court upheld the will of the people of California and restored natural marriage. Mr Pugno sits on the board of the Sacramento Life Center, which has a one-sentence mission statement:

"The mission of the Sacramento Life Center is to empower women to choose life for their preborn children."

He and his wife Colleen have three children, one adopted.

Both are wonderful candidates. They are not "weather-vane" thinkers. Their understanding of life is grounded in reality, not fantasy. Cynics will say "well, they are from small districts, and even if they win in the general election, how much power will they have?" They will have the power to tell the truth, and even one person telling the truth makes it hard for business as usual to continue. Look at the effect Governor Christie is having in New Jersey, simply by telling the truth.

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