Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cardinal Burke / Fr. Fessio Stand up for Marriage! & Family!

The great Cardinal Raymond Burke calls out the anti-family mass media at the Catholic News Agency:

"Next month's Synod on the Family has undergone an attempted hijacking by some media sources, which are fueling expectations that impossible changes will be made to Church doctrine, said the head of the Church's highest court.

'I don’t think you have to be brilliant to see that the media has, for months, been trying to hijack this Synod,' said Cardinal Raymond Burke, prefect for the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura – the office which, among other things, handles annulment cases in the Church.

In particular, he told CNA in a recent interview, the media has been presenting Pope Francis as being in favor of allowing Holy Communion to be distributed to those who are divorced and remarried, and other such propositions, even though this is not the case.

The danger, Cardinal Burke continued, is that 'the media has created a situation in which people expect that there are going to be these major changes which would, in fact, constitute a change in Church teaching, which is impossible."

'That’s why it’s very important for those who are in charge to be very clear,' he said."

It's interesting to me that of those Cardinals invested in the relegation of marriage to the dustbin of history most are Europeans, followed by some of their progeny from North and South Americans--places that themselves are on the road to oblivion because of their relegation of marriage to the dustbin of history.

The CNA article went on to mention Ignatius Press' new book, which promises to introduce much-needed clarity:

"Cardinal Burke, along with several other cardinals and scholars, have responded to this call in a book entitled 'Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church.' The book, set to be released in October, is a compilation of essays which provide scholarly answers to the claim that some divorced and remarried persons can be admitted to Holy Communion without having obtained an annulment, or a Church recognition that the marriage had never been valid."

Last week Ignatius Press' editor, Father Joe Fessio, schooled the foolish Cardinal Kaspar for his statements responding to the book's release. It was nice to see:

The Ignatius Press book’s introduction says the essays in “Remaining in the Truth of Christ” are responses to Cardinal Walter Kasper’s 2014 book “The Gospel of the Family,” which includes his advocacy of giving Holy Communion to some Catholics who have divorced and civilly remarried without an annulment.

Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., founder and editor of Ignatius Press, responded sharply to claims by Cardinal Kasper in an email exchange with CNA. He drew from Cardinal Kasper’s Sept. 18 interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa, responding point-by-point to the cardinal’s statements.

In the interview, Cardinal Kasper complained of learning about the book from journalists who had received advance copies of it. The cardinal said that he had not received an advance copy, adding, “In my entire academic life nothing like this has ever happened to me.”

“You chose to leave academia to enter public life. Get used to it,” Fr. Fessio responded.

The priest also referenced Cardinal Kasper’s statement, “If cardinals who are the closest collaborators of the pope intervene in this organized and public manner, at least in regard to the most recent history of the Church we are facing an unprecedented situation.”

“Well, you did something unprecedented,” Fr. Fession replied. “And it was organized and public. Well, it was supposed to be done in secrecy, but then you published your consistory intervention as a book.”

Furthermore, Fr. Fessio responded to Cardinal Kasper’s statement that his consistory remarks had not offered “a definitive solution” but rather “posed some questions and offered considerations for possible responses.”

“Well, what are you complaining about then?” Fr. Fessio asked. “You got some answers and some responses to your considerations. Or weren’t those the answers you were expecting?”

There's a true son of St. Ignatius!

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