Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two NZ men marry for love, homosexual activists 'fuming'

From LGBTQNation:

"Gay rights groups in New Zealand are fuming over the legal, same-sex marriage between two heterosexual men in a radio station stunt in exchange for tickets to the Rugby World Cup to be held in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Self-described best mates since childhood, Matt McCormick, 24, married engineering student Travis McIntosh, 23, in a rugby stadium on Friday....

Gay rights activists have condemned the union, calling the stunt 'a mockery of the institution of marriage.'

Otago University Students’ Association Queer Support co-ordinator Neill Ballantyne, of Dunedin, said the wedding was an 'insult' because marriage equality was a 'hard fought' battle for New Zealand’s gay community,reports the New Zealand Hearald."

Don't be a hater, Neill. They obviously married for love. Love of rugby. Why do you sodomite activists oppose love?

Jennifer Roback Morse responds to Mr. Ballantyne:

"Sorry Neill. No go. You evidently did not realize that when you changed the law, you changed it for everyone. Two men can get married for any reason they want. The law does not require them to prove that they are actually 'gay,' or that they 'love each other,' however those terms might be defined in a legal context. (!)...

Gay activists and their wealthy patrons seem surprised that they do not get to control what everyone does and why they do it.

They have not really thought through what redefining marriage will actually mean for the whole of society."

Indeed. Actually, the fact is that people only believe in same-sex "marriage" when they no longer believe in marriage. That's why counterfeit 'marriage' only crept in as the U.S. marriage rate hit a 93-year low. In 2008, Bishop Allan Vigneron, then of Oakland, said that the fight over same-sex "marriage" was a wake-up call for our culture to relearn what marriage is. His Excellency was right. 

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