Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The gay rights movement has devolved into a big lie factory"

No one has written or spoken more passionately and knowledgeably about the destruction of the family by homosexual activists than Robert Oscar Lopez. Here is another home run column of his at American Thinker:


Like an obsessive-compulsive one-note Charlie, my refrain has been, for years: children have an inalienable right to a mother and father, cannot be bought or sold, and are entitled to know their origins. Whether it is straight people or gay people using divorce, surrogacy, trafficking, or any other means to deny people these rights, I oppose it.

This is a teachable moment because it reveals a great deal about what makes the Human Rights Campaign tick. They’re after your kids, plain and simple; all their other issues are mere window dressing.

They have convinced themselves that gays are a tribe unto themselves, so their consuming goal is to populate the tribe so they don’t disappear.

Parenthood is their great white whale. They want to have children to love them and call them Mom and Dad. They need to get those children from you because biology prevents them from siring them naturally. Gentlemen readers, these folks are trying to find a way to get the sperm out of your testicles and into their laboratories; lady readers, these folks need to find a way to implant an embryo of their sperm in your womb, keep you obedient during the gestation, and take your baby away forever.

The main item on the gay lobby’s agenda is patently insane. People don’t generally want to let lesbians milk sperm out of their testicles. People don’t usually like the idea of gay men gestating babies in their wombs and then taking them away. (And no, “visitation” plans where these gamete donors get to see their progeny a few times a month are not a good arrangement; that stuff’s really creepy.)

And at least with me, these HRC lackeys cannot pull the old “are you saying my children are worth any less?” routine. Just because you control a human being doesn’t mean that’s your child. Even if someone is your child, criticizing you is not the same as insulting your child. This is basic, but somehow the HRC manages to whitewash the complexities. Despite all the choreographed photographs of happy gay couples with children, people generally do not like growing up and knowing that half of them was sold to a gay couple...."

Mr. Lopez's website is English Manif. He is under no illusions, and he tells the truth unflinchingly:

"The gay rights movement has devolved into a big lie factory. The movement always did have a self-deluding component, especially during the beginning of the AIDS crisis, but in those days they were truly oppositional, even in NYC – now they are a monstrous force to be reckoned with, supported by all the power of law – and corporate America. There isn't a corporation that doesn't offer a diversity program, and a university that doesn't offer a “Diva University” webpage (I didn't make this up). The claim that the ligbitists are poor little victims is 100% false. The ligbitist movement has all the brute force of capitalism and Uncle Sam behind it. It is an establishment, oppressive, and coercive force. And it lies 24/7."

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