Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Equality at the expense of sanity, "transgender" division

The picture is of Martin Rothblatt, who changed his name to "Martine." Has anyone ever seen a real woman pose like that? Such a pose is male to the core.

The picture is from the GenderTrender website. Heaven knows we don't agree with them on many things, but they certainly get the insanity of the "transgender" movement. The authors over there chronicle the invasion of "women only" spaces by men pretending to be women. Because the two sides are somewhat remote from the average American's experience, and because the mainstream media, (progressive to the core), always sides with whatever the latest "oppressed group" is, it does not get the coverage that it should. 

The vitriol targeting any 'anti-transgender' feminists is astonishingly hate filled. I cannot think of a comparable case, offhand. Pretty much everyone has heard about athlete Ray Rice's altercation with his girlfriend. But how many know about Fallon Fox (a male boxer) beating up (female boxer) Tamikka Brents? Because Fox is "transgender" he was able to get into the ring with Brents. He beat the crap out of her: gave her a concussion and an orbital bone fracture in under three minutes. LifeSiteNews did a story on it. GenderTrender's article on Fox/Brents covers a number of other "Transgender" men who have entered women's sports.

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