Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kristor on counterfeit "gay marriage"

Kristor writes over at the Othosphere:

" one is ever really fooled by such linguistic or legal circumlocutions and euphemisms. Whatever it is that homosexuals will get when homosexual marriage becomes the law of the land – as seems likely to happen this summer, when the Supreme Court takes up the matter – it won’t be the true and honest social approval for their arrangements that is given to real marriage, and that they so want. None of the actual, ineluctable differences between heterosexuality and homosexuality will be changed by the legal fiction. Thus it won’t be homosexual relations that are ennobled by the new PC code; rather, the term 'marriage,' and all the social appurtenances thereto, will be debased, in exactly the way that currency is debased by artificial inflation."
It's the argument we have been making for years. It remains to be seen if counterfeit marriage becomes the law of the land, of course. If so, not only does the term marriage 'and all the social appurtenances thereto' become debased, the law itself becomes debased, just as the term 'American' is becoming debased.

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