Monday, January 19, 2015

L.A. Media Boycotts Large Pro-Life Event

OneLife LA not covered by local press

Pro-lifers are used to media blackouts of their events. The radical under reporting of Washington DC’s huge annual March for Life (which draws hundreds of thousands every year) or San Francisco’s Walk for Life west Coast which regularly draws over 50,000 people. But even by these shoddy standards the negligence of the mainstream media in refusing to cover the January 17 OneLife LA event in downtown Los Angeles sets a new low. As of noon on January 19, a Google news search for “OneLife LA” articles over the previous 24 hours returned exactly two responses: an article from Catholic News Agency, and an article in the Rock Hill Herald, a publication based in, Rock Hill, South Carolina, which was a reprint of the OneLife LA press release which followed the event. A similar search with the term “Archbishop Jose Gomez” (who presided over the event) over the same time frame only returned one response, the Catholic News Agency article.

Organizers estimated 15,000 pro-lifers in attendance, and photos of the event certainly shows thousands of people. The event also had a number of notable speakers including Hispanic movie star Eduardo Verastegui and TV actress Patricia Heaton, both of whom are pro-life. Their presence makes the lack of LA’s mainstream media coverage all the more striking, since movie/TV stars are generally catnip to the city’s celebrity-obsessed press.

Covered by media

Not covered by media

The bias is shown by comparing the response to a Los Angeles event selected at random: a December 5 protest against the killings by police of three men: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Ezell Ford. The protest was covered by CBS Los Angeles, the local affiliate of CBS News. The CBS LA screenshot shows about 21 protesters in attendance. None appeared to be movie stars. The tiny protest was also covered by, the L.A. Daily News, USA News and the Eagle Rock Patch (which all published the same story as, and the Los Angeles, which picked up the CBS story. The Los Angeles City and Press website also linked to the CBS story. At this point I stopped searching for more coverage, as the point has been made. The story opened with the sentence “Dozens of people protesting the deaths of unarmed black men…” which correlates pretty  accurately with the 21 or so protesters in the CBS screenshot—there must have been 3 more out of site somewhere, which brings the number  up to “dozens.”

A shorter version of this post appeared in today's California Catholic Daily.

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