Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Will latest Muslim atrocity force Europe to face reality?

Another Muslim atrocity in Europe. Will the Europeans wake up? The Europeans, if they will survive, if they want to survive, must lose their utopian universalist world view. That utopianism is a corruption of Christianity, as many writers have pointed out. To be fair to the average European, the poison (as in the U.S.) is mostly the work of elites who see themselves as internationalists. Many high ranking clergy have traded Christianity for this heresy, too. But the people are awakening: we see that with UKIP in Great Britain, with the National Front and the Manif demonstrations for the family and marriage in France, with Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, with the PEGIDA demonstrations in Germany.

The people in Europe, as in the United States want an end to the immigration policies that destroy their cultures and harm both the economic and family formation prospects of the poorest members of the host societies. May it happen before too much more blood is shed!

May today's victims rest in peace.

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